Asset Management Dashboard

The paperless desk for asset management


Dashboard works for you


Access your reports and data anywhere using our mobile app.



Fill out your inspection reports on-site, and your data is immediately accessible in your office in your Project folder.


Needs analysis

An in-depth analysis of your needs and the development of functional mock-ups.



Dashboard comes with a droplist of the most common deficiencies found in any type of roof. All droplists can be adapted to fit your needs. You can customize Dashboard to meet your exact needs. Take pictures of the roof section you’re evaluating on your tablet or smartphone. Pictures of deficiencies are immediately linked with the project and even with the roof section you’re evaluating. Prepare your inspection report in a fraction of the usual time. You can complete your report and send it to your client directly from the roof.

Personalized solutions

Needs analysis

We develop mobile or desktop applications that correspond to your requirements. The software available on the market is designed to satisfy as many customers as possible, but it often meets only a fraction of your needs. We adapt our software to your reality – not the opposite.


With our adaptive web development software, we offer a high-quality user experience on any platform.


Our software development uses the latest software engineering practices to deliver the best possible software that perfectly suits your needs.


Maintaining and improving the software we design is essential in order to constantly meet your evolving needs.

We hear your needs.